Jepara As the Coronary Heart of Indonesian Furniture Industry

Indonesia will be globally known since the producer of substantial quality wooden furniture. The Particular high quality in cost-effective value may always be the primary hallmark regarding furniture items produced from this country.

The mapping involving this business throughout Indonesia can be fascinating to be discussed here since there should be an answer relating to towards the center of furniture business from this country.

The market clusters are usually spread around Indonesia. Jepara, Bali, Surakarta and several other clusters shape the sovereign industry. However, probably the actual most considerable cluster involving this sort of market is Jepara. Your question is why this cluster is quite strong on this industry.

Raw Material Supply

Raw material for this industry is certainly timber. As this cluster will be situated in Java, your availability of wood is not considered involving significant problem. The Particular option of timber is furnished by PT. Perhutani (state -owned enterprise specializing throughout ruling the way in order to obtain government's plantation) and people's plantation. The Actual main timbers furnished by these entities are mahogany and also teak wood. Numerous researches demonstrate that wood, particularly teak, may become the greatest teak wood throughout Indonesia. However, the greatest wood will be given by PT Perhutani which usually merely reduce the tree if and when just the tree now features wrinkles enough.


Craftsmanship is certainly aspect which makes Jepara in order to become quite jepara mebel strong cluster in producing wooden furniture. Inside fact, this town features a lot less wood provide compared to its surroundings. Blora, Pati, Ngawi, Bojonegoro tend to be towns whose wood tend to be acknowledged using its quality. However, individuals towns are not acknowledged as furniture producers. The Actual timber produced via these towns can be supplied to Jepara to be turned into furniture products. This specific signifies that craftsmanship possessed by simply this city results throughout a worth additional towards the total associated with this industry.

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